Flights of Fancy

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so my sweet baby kitty has been pretty sick all week since I got her and I’ve been super stressed out about it and finally got an appointment at the vet after work today and it was so stressful and traumatic

when we got home I lay on the bed to cry because I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed by how miserable she’s been and how vets are fucking expensive and I’m worried about being able to take care of her

and as I’m there on the bed she just comes to cuddle up and rub her head on me and purr like to comfort ME even though she’s the one whose miserable and just went through a nightmare vet visit

I can’t even handle how sweet she is and it hurts my heart and I am a mess :(

Filed under sorry I am like REALLY EMOTIONAL about my cat right now I wish she could have had at least one week home from the shelter before getting sick but the shelter is the reason she's sick? im v overwhelmed cause I was trying to do a good thing by adopting from a shelter but it comes with so many other problems I'm not sure I was prepared to handle guh

  1. mygoodrabbit said: oh no kitty! :( hopefully everything is smooth sailing and she gets better soon. best wishes <3
  2. grandargh said: i hope everything goes well :((( it’s always hard when your animals are sick.
  3. azhuresunsoar said: aww, she loves you even if she doesn’t feel good and she wants you to be happy
  4. kamidoodles said: it’s still good to adopt from a shelter, but yeah, so many animals in one place can have issues =/ Leto had an infection when we brought him home too.
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